Fitra / Fidya / Kaffara


Zakat Al-Fitr is used to feed the poor and needy during Eid time. It must be given before the Eid prayer, and is obligated on all adult Muslim males who have food beyond their essential needs. The head of the family may pay for their dependants.

Zakat Al-Fitr is a form of Zakat (obligatory charity), which is one of the requirements of every Muslim that can afford it. Zakat is used to alleviate the suffering of millions of needy across the world.

The rate for Zakat Al-Fitr is $10 per person.


Fidya is obligatory on every adult who cannot fast due to sickness or old age.

The current estimate of Fidya is $10 per every missed fast.


Kaffara is obligatory on people who purposely miss a day of fasting or break their fast without valid reason.

The recompense for each missed fast is to either fast continuously for 60 days or provide a one-time meal for 60 people.

The current estimate of Kaffara is $10 per meal. For example, if someone breaks a fast intentionally (without valid reason), they must pay $600 to feed 60 people or fast 60 days continuously.