Kulsoom's Family of 5

Thanks to your donations, we built a home for Kulsoom's family of 5!

Her story:

In June of 2020, Kulsoom became a widow. Her 4 children without a father. Their hardships had just begun. During a time like this, they needed support. Unfortunately, even her late husband's brothers did not attend his funeral. They refused to let his widow in the family home, beating her up when she tried. His widow and children did not have a home. It was his dream to build a home for his wife and 4 kids. He had the land, and took a loan from the local vendor to purchase construction materials to build his family a home. He was a shuttering carpenter by trade so he would be able to help build their home. But life had other plans, and in June 2020, he passed away. On the home her husband wanted to build, Kulsoom was able to make one room usable with corrugated iron sheets donated by a local family. They need help to complete their home. The house walls are up, but they need roofing, plaster, electricity, sanitation work, doors and windows. The family needs help to finish at least two rooms. Help make his dream of giving his family a home come true. His widow and children deserve to live in safety and comfort.

"One who cares for widows and the poor is like those who fight in the way of Allah or those who spend their days fasting and their nights praying." [Bukhari]

You may sponsor a full home or contribute any amount to this noble cause.